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Youth Scholarship Program

Applying for Youth Scholarships
  1. Create a Household Profile (click here) and add any participating students to your account.
  2. Complete one of our application forms below (we will reserve a spot once we receive the submitted form, so there is no need to complete the registration/payment process first): 
    1. For Constellation Stage & Screen Programs, complete this form.
    2. For Ivy Arts for Kids, College for Kids & Teens, and all other Youth Programs, complete this form.
  3. Once we verify your eligibility, your registration will be confirmed via email. Registrations are processed in order they are received.
Scholarships are for students under 18 years old. Students must be eligible for the National School Lunch Program (family income meets Indiana State requirements for free or reduced lunches in the case of home school children--Click here to see if you qualify
) to receive a scholarship.

Immunization Requirement
Per statewide Ivy Tech policy, effective for all programs beginning on or after 6/1/2019 a parent or guardian must attest that his/her child has been immunized in accordance with the State’s requirements based on grade. This can be done by simply checking the box or selecting from the menu on your registration form or profile stating that your immunizations are current. The Ivy Tech CLL and partnering organizations reserve the right to request immunization verification from participants as it deems necessary; cancelations due to violation of this policy will not be refunded. We understand that for some  this policy may be a barrier to participation but, barring rare medical conditions, there are no exemptions allowed, including those for religious or other personal reasons. In the case that a medical exception may be granted, a medical doctor must provide confirmation that the vaccination is contra-indicated due to medical reasons and that the child is in good health and the planned camp day and activities will not pose an abnormal risk to the child.

Staff at Ivy Tech Community College or representatives of partnering organizations will contact your school district to verify your eligibility. Home school and other schooling circumstances may necessitate proof of income on a federal tax return to verify eligibility.

A limited number of scholarships are available, which will be awarded on a first-come-first-serve basis. There is a limit of one scholarship per child per academic term for CLL (there are three terms each year: Fall, Spring, and Summer) and one per child for Constellation Stage & Screen programs. Scholarships for CLL programs are separate from those of Theater & Film programs, and would not exclude participants from applying for both organization's scholarship opportunities. Scholarships cover a single course’s fee, apply to a single class, and cannot be split between classes.

Applicants who qualify will have the scholarship applied automatically. You will not be contacted unless there are questions regarding the status of scholarship verification.