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The Center for Lifelong Learning FAQ

How do I register and pay?
  • Online: Preferred and fastest method to ensure a spot in a class (Available 24/7)
  • By Phone: You can call the CLL at (812) 330-4400 to register and pay over the phone (M-F, 9 AM-5 PM)

How do I register and pay for multiple people?
To register and pay for multiple people at once, you must create a Household Profile. This allows students to be linked under a primary account holder who can register and pay for anyone in the household.

Anyone who does not have an account with us can have one created for them in association with a household profile by going to the “Household Profile” tab and clicking the link to add an adult or youth member to household. This requires name, email, phone number, date of birth, and any medical information or acknowledgment of youth participation guidelines as necessary. Members of a household can be family and/or friends of any age appropriate for classes offered by the CLL, and can be added using your own contact information.

If you currently have a student learner account with us, you can contact us over email at or by phone at 812-330-4400 and we can update your account to household status.

How do I find my classroom and prepare for class?
When registration closes for a class, an email will be sent from including class reminders on schedule, any supplies needed, Zoom information (if applicable), parking information, and a campus map showing your classroom or a partnering location address. If you haven't received this email within 2 days of your class start date, please double check your email's spam folder and reach out to us at if you aren't finding any class communications.

Where are the classes held?
Most classes are offered at the Ivy Tech Main Campus. However, some classes are offered at other locations. The schedule of classes will inform you where your class will be held.
  • Ivy Tech Main Campus | 200 Daniels Way, Bloomington, IN, 47404
  • Partner locations, depending on the class.
  • Virtual options noted in the class title.

I'm over 60, will Ivy Tech cover my tuition for CLL classes?
Ivy Tech Community College offers fee remission for credit classes. The CLL offers non-credit classes and tuition unfortunately isn’t covered by this program. However, our prices are a fraction of the cost of taking a for-credit class and we aim to make classes as affordable as possible. For more information about for-credit tuition coverage by Ivy Tech, please reach out to your local Ivy Tech Campus Admissions department. Here is a link to Ivy Tech’s handbook that contains the policy listed under the Application for Senior Scholars section

How do I print a receipt?
Transaction receipts are automatically emailed to the primary email address listed on an individual learner or household student profile. If you misplace or can't find that email, you can access your receipts by signing into your profile and selecting "My Transactions" to locate it. Under "Action", select "Print View" and print your receipt.

I’m Ivy Tech Faculty or Staff, can I take classes for free?
Many CLL classes are available for Fee Remission, though some are not eligible due to limited class capacity. For full details about eligibility, please see more details HERE.

Is there a minimum or maximum age for classes?
Adult classes are open to students ages 18+. All students under 18 interested in joining an adult class must contact CLL Staff at to request permission, which can be granted depending on the class and instructor preference. Youth registrations for adult classes must be completed by a parent/guardian and require completion of our Youth Participation Release form.

Youth classes and camps will include the eligible age or grade range in the class or camp title. If your child is outside of the listed age or grade range, please contact to request permission to register.

How do I update my profile?
You may update your student profile at any time. After signing in, access the link entitled “My Profile” to change any of the information. Click “Edit” at the top of the page. You may then update any of your profile fields. When you are finished, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Submit.”

Can I register for a class that is full?
All classes have a maximum class size determined by instructional and/or logistical factors. For example, a class that takes place in a computer lab may be limited by the number of computers in the room, or a youth summer camp may have a capacity determined by the appropriate staff-to-student ratio for that age group as directed by college policies.

If you are interested in a class that is currently full, you can join the class waiting list by signing in online and clicking the “Add to the Waiting List” link for the class that is full. If an opening becomes available, CLL staff will contact you to finalize your registration.

Can I purchase gift certificates for classes?
We do not currently offer gift certificates or gift cards. That said, please let us know if you want to be able to purchase gift certificates. This helps us gauge interest that could lead to us offering this service in the future. You can contact us any time via email at