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How to Participate
  1. Look for the good in the day to day.
  2. Decide what finding the good means to you and how you want to share it. This could be through a short paragraph, a photograph, a playlist, a video, or a combination of any of these.
  3. Send it to
  4. Look for your post on our website and our social media. Share with your friends and family and encourage them to participate!
  5. Visit these sites when you need some inspiration and hope.
  6. We also encourage you to add songs that are helping you get through this time to our playlist:
  7. Support the Ivy Tech Youth Scholarship Foundation by purchasing Find the Good apparel through the 1818 Apparel Co. here!

5-15-2020: Finding the Good through arts and crafts!


5-15-2020: Michael Cervantes

I moved to Bloomington from Texas almost four years ago and I miss my family every day. During this time I have been gently reminded how easy it is to stay connected with them. Of course we have phones to text, call, FaceTime, but recently we took it a step further and have started playing classic games together. Lotería is kind of like Mexican bingo except instead of numbers, each board is filled with images and words, like La Luna (the moon) and El Pescado (the fish). Each round you can make different rules (4 across, 4 corners, an X, the letter L, etc.). It was a great evening with them, the first time all of us were together (albeit virtually) since Christmas. It was so nice to see all my family’s faces, make jokes, and exist with one another.
5-15-2020: Ben Samuelson

This Big Friendly Tank has been helping Cardinal Spirits make hand sanitizer for the community!


5-15-2020: Jillian Campbell


Everything is super uncertain right now, but I can always count on my friends to keep me sane. Virtual cocktail hours, our never-ending text chain, and the occasional socially distant hang-out are a few ways we've managed to keep in touch during quarantine. I even got to have a parking lot skate date with my buddy Paige! Note that responsible social distance!

The prospect of getting to hug my friends again has been a light at the end of the tunnel during this pandemic, and something I greatly look forward to. Until then, we'll keep finding creative ways to make each other smile.




Community Spotlight of the Day 5-14-2020: 1818 Apparel

A simple message that speaks volumes. Shop “Find the Good” apparel today!


5-14-2020: Audrey Clampitt

The Community Foundation has a great, uplifting story to share as part of your #findthegoodbtown campaign:
11-year old Audrey Clampitt has been singing since before she could talk. When things started to change due to COVID-19, she decided to use her musical talents to bring hope to Bloomington. Audrey wrote a song called Overcome and with the help of her dad, produced a video to share her message of hope with Bloomington.

Here is a link to a full story on Audrey, including her video and song:

5-14-2020: State of the R

Hi! I recently did some COVID-19 public art on the walls of Artisan Alley (2nd street) and wanted to send it along for your ‘look for the good in the day to day’ post. Below is some information, and attached are a few pictures, as it was created in hopes to bring some hope and love to Btown during this saga.
Thank you!
 Richelle (SotR)  
The Message Behind This Artwork:
“Aiming to bring some hope and love to anyone in need of it during this COVID-19 saga” is the driving force underlying the creation of these three pillars of public art.  
Mental health is such an important aspect of holistic wellbeing, and art can remind us that we are not alone, especially in this pandemic. One of the primary drivers of SotR’s artwork is to allow others to connect and feel empowered in the little things we can do to try and help ourselves and, as importantly, others stay strong and safe.
The title of this piece is ‘Hope, [Soap, Mask, Distance], + Love’ to highlight the public health guidance to protect ourselves and others around us to beat COVID-19. Stay strong, B-town! #ArtIsMovement
“Many thanks to Adam and the Artisan Alley family for being such powerful supporters of art and helping our community!”  
State of the R (SotR) Bio:
“It doesn’t have to be perfect; it just needs to feel right” is my core artistic mantra, and inspires my confidently imperfect characters which dare you to be you. As a strong proponent of mental health awareness, self-care, and self-empowerment for all, SotR uses her creations to reflect on feelings and supports, while being careful not to get in the way of, others doing the same. You will see that her works reflect a range of emotions conveyed through the use of textures, strokes, colors, and mediums to generate artwork which is affective, reflecting an edgy, street art sensibility. #MoreLoveLessHate


Community Spotlight of the Day 5-8-2020: Monroe County Humane Association

Due to the effects of the Covid-19 situation, the Monroe County Humane Association’s Nonprofit Veterinary Clinic has been focusing on those pet owners and pets that are in need.  We are seeing pets with owners whom have limited funding for veterinary care.  MCHA believes that pets shouldn't have to suffer because the family that loves them might be experiencing financial hardship. 
Poor Abby was hit by a car and visits MCHA for weekly bandage changes. It is essential she receives these changes – otherwise, she could lose her leg due to infection. 
Lucky had a cyst that appeared two months ago. Due to a lack of funding, his owner tried to treat it at home. Lucky’s cyst was infected, needed flushed thoroughly, and provided antibiotics. 
Scruffy was recently attacked and then disappeared from his home. Once his family found him, it became clear he was hiding and not eating due to pain from an injury incurred while he was out. Scruffy’s abscess wasn’t apparent until we performed a thorough exam and shaved his fur.
Hank was new to his home, became scared, and ran off. He returned three days later with a nasty gash on his neck from being tangled up in something. His wounds needed cleaned, bandaged, and treated with antibiotics for infection.
Loki, only 16 weeks old, was new to his family when the shelter in place order began and hadn’t received any vaccines yet. He wasn’t eating, acted lethargic, and had diarrhea. His mom was worried it might be something worse and life-threatening. Loki didn’t have parvo, but he had roundworms inside him that needed immediate treatment. While he was with us, we started his vaccine series, helping to insure a long and health life.
To the staff at MCHA, “finding the good” means being able to assist these pets, and their owners, that need care most. 
MCHA recently moved to our brand new Animal Care Campus, located at 791 S Fieldstone Blvd in Bloomington. This campus will be home to a full-service Nonprofit Veterinary Clinic, Pet Food & Supply Pantry, Grooming, Emergency Housing Center, Pet Memorial Garden, and public dog walking trails.

For more information, please visit

5-5-2020: The Red Wheelbarrow

The Red Wheelbarrow
By William Carlos Williams
so much depends
a red wheel
glazed with rain
beside the white


5-5-20: Hi Friend


When we moved into our home nearly 4 years ago, our new neighbors one street over always had encouraging messages written on their fence. Their messages of hope and positivity always made me smile, even when I didn't necessarily feel like it. I was sad when the messages stopped.

And now we feel so lucky that family has become our good friends. Last week, a friendly message appeared on their fence again. As I was making my weekly nervous trip to pick up our groceries, this made me smile so much that I had to get a picture.


5-4-2020: Thank you health care workers!

Thank you to our hospital heroes and all essential workers. We thank you!

4-29-2020: Meet Cricket

My cats have been a constant source of entertainment ever since the lockdown started – they’re the “good” in my world right now while so many things are uncertain. Cricket has an unhealthy obsession with ponytail holders, and if you have one in your hand, she’ll SCREAM until you throw it for her (yes, elastics aren’t the safest for cats, but we watch her carefully and never let her keep it after). This time she got tired of waiting!

Community Spotlight of the Day 4-27-2020: Bloomington Creative Glass Center


A letter from Executive Director, Abby Gitlitz:
BCGC is currently closed to the public with the risk of COVID 19, but we still have a skeleton staff of two working. We wanted to figure out a way to give back to the community and we wanted an excuse to make art.

There are so many people working to make the world a better place right now, putting their lives and their health on the line. Grocery store workers, mail delivery people, pharmacists, food delivery folks. Anne Braham gave us the fabulous idea of making little glass hearts to give to people to show them our appreciation.

Since we posted the opportunity for the public to request their own hearts, we have made over 1500 glass hearts that have been sent to seven states, and 15 cities in Indiana. And the requests are still coming in. We will continue making these glass giveaways as long as there is interest.

The hearts are free, but we are asking folks to make a donation to the Bloomington Creative Glass Center to help us continue our mission of providing high-quality glass art education to the public.

We now have a online sign-up to request hearts.…/1FAIpQLScLUii4YgdyvbDCQi…/viewform

How to support Bloomington Creative Glass Center:

Community Spotlight of the Day 4-24-2020: Lotus

Lotus Blossoms Study Guides Available to the Public

The Lotus Education & Arts Foundation is proud to announce that we are making our Lotus Blossoms study guides available to the public for the very first time. This means that parents and teachers interested in providing their children with in-depth knowledge about cultures from around the world, through the lens of music and art, will have a fantastic and free new resource.

Lotus Blossoms is our annual four-week intensive outreach program that brings world musicians and artists to south-central Indiana every spring. Each year, Lotus staff and interns create study guides that are sent to the K-12 schools where our visiting artists perform and lead workshops.


Lotus Blossoms: Kalapriya South Asian dancers of Chicago.

Like many other organizations, Lotus had to cancel our Blossoms programming just one week before it was to begin. As part of our creative response to the cancellations caused by COVID-19, we are making our study guides available to the public for the first time ever.

“Because students won’t be able to experience Lotus Blossoms artists in person this year, we wanted to provide a way to use the materials we have prepared to connect Lotus Blossoms artists to students and audiences of all ages virtually,” Lotus Graduate Assistant Katie Bethel said. “These study guides can serve as an educational resource, or just a chance to escape into engaging and high-quality art and world cultures.”

The Lotus mission is to create opportunities to experience, celebrate, and explore the diversity of the world’s cultures through music and the arts. In 2019, Lotus staff hosted focus groups with local area educators to ask how Lotus could better serve K-12 students. Many educators noted that students benefitted from stronger connections with visiting Lotus artists. Lotus listened and decided to make the experiences for students stronger by not only scheduling performances but by scheduling artists to visit classrooms, give talks about their lives and cultures, and practice songs with the children before the performance so that they could participate.

The study guides are another way that Lotus adds value to students’ learning experience, offering a deeper connection with visiting artists for a more thorough understanding of their work. The guides provide information about the people, language, foods, and customs of the artist’s culture. Additionally, the guides provide beautiful imagery and links to the artist’s music.

Lotus Blossoms: Adilei performs at Child’s Elementary.

“We are so pleased to be able to share our 2020 Blossoms artist study guides with our wider Lotus family,” says Executive Director Tamara Loewenthal. “While COVID-19 has made live performances impossible this spring, we believe that the study guides will help fill the void that students and their families are experiencing in regard to arts enrichment activities.”

The study guides can be found on the Lotus website, under the education tab. It is our pleasure to share these, especially during a time when so many parents are acting as teachers for their children.

To Access the Guides:

Community Spotlight of the Day 4-23-2020: BAFT

BAFT presents “Shelter In Place Showcase”
This free online showcase features short programming to provide you with some entertainment, joy, inspiration, and knowledge to better connect us all! There are four different types of content you can check out through this initiative on BAFT’s social media:

1. BAFT Talks: Tutorials from Performing Arts Professionals
2. BAFT Challenges: Prompts for YOU to get involved!
3. BAFT Presents: Content to Entertain!
4. BAFT Connects: Expressions of Thoughts and Feelings.

If you like what you see, please consider donating to our Bloomington Performing Arts Relief Fund to help local artists and arts organizations. You can learn more here:

4-23-2020: A Sweet Song

My daughter Anna Wrasse is a junior at South and a singer-songwriter.  She just released a new song that is very soothing in this scary time. It is a lullaby called “Sweet Song.”  “Sweet Song” is out today on YouTube and will be available on Spotify and other digital partners in the coming days.

This song was a wonderful Bloomington collaboration. Anna wrote it for the BloomingSongs Building Blocks album.  She wrote the violin part for Phillip Hammond (a member of Jacobs Violin Virtuosi) who plays on this recording. Anna’s sister Lucy, a St. Charles 6th grader, sings harmony on the track.  Our neighbor Steve Sobiech lends some additional guitar accompaniment to the recording and also produced it at his Wisconsin Cheese Studios.

Last Sunday Anna and Phillip both took part in the Reimagining Opera for Kids/BloomingSongs virtual costume party for kids….which is also a good thing to find & share. The livestream of the concert was recorded and can still be watched here:

For more info on Anna her web site is



4-23-2020: Family Friendly Reggae Playlist

I have a reggae playlist that can be shared with the community that is family friendly and always a good vibe! I would DJ on Sundays at WFHB for Reggae Children and always looked forward to doing the radio show. My fellow Reggae Children DJ Lord Anthony would do the show with me occasionally and I always would learn a lot from him. My best buddy Jordy would always stop in to say hello and jam out to some reggae tunes. I miss these Sundays, but this playlist always brings back those good vibes for me and I hope it can do the same for you!

4-22-2020: Spring in Bloom

Came across the Sample Gates yesterday and noticed all of the tulips are in full bloom! Moving just beyond the gate are additional flowers in multiple colors. The way life springs back after the dead of each winter is truly amazing.

Community Spotlight of the Day 4-22-2020: Cardinal Stage Presents Quarantine Cabaret

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at noon tune into Cardinal Stage’s social media for some specialty in-home entertainment. You can check out performances from actors and hear from Cardinal Stage’s wonderful staff! Cardinal Stage, like many other local organizations, faces uncertainty from due to the impacts of COVID-19. If you like what you see during Quarantine Cabaret and want to support Cardinal Stage, you may do so here:

4-22-2020: Stay Calm, Safe, Home (if you can)

Found on Kirkwood! Do you know the artist?


4-20-2020: Laughs from Rosie the Clown


4-17-2020: Jazz Concerts from your Living Room with Monika Herzig

Just before we had to go into Quarantine, I finished a Jazz History class with a phenomenal group of community students who were incredibly engaged. We had very special weekly gatherings at the Orbit Room with live music. In order to keep providing these opportunities for live music and sharing for our community we have started live jazz concerts from our living room on the north end of Bloomington on Wednesdays 4pm and Saturdays 5pm on Facebook live from Monika Herzig. Everyone is invited to join for an hour of jazz club atmosphere, requests welcome. Here is an example:

Hope these sessions will bring some joy to our community and beyond.

Monika Herzig

4-17-2020: Japanese Weeping Cherry Tree

This Japanese weeping cherry tree is 14 years old, and this year — during the Spring of COVID-19 — it bloomed more abundantly and vibrantly than I’ve ever seen it in my six years of tree-watching. For the past three weeks, people have been stopping to take its picture. One woman dressed up her two little girls in pink and white for their photo session.

4-17-2020: Staying in touch with students

I really appreciate that I can stay in touch with my past students, many of whom I can now call friend.

Last semester in the Watercolor Journaling class, we created "international" travel journals.  We chose a country and created pages that included maps, legends, recipes, traditions and beautiful locations.  The students then painted postcards to "send" to me, just as if they were actually in that country!  Fun!

So in March for St. Patrick's day, we "traveled" to Ireland.  They have shared their journal pages with each other and are keeping in touch, so when the time is right, we'll all be "home from our travels" and sharing our adventures.

Here are a couple pages.



4-17-2020: Spring in Bloom at Burton Kimble Farms

From Burton Kimble Farms Education Center...the beauty of Spring gives us hope. 


4-17-2020: An Approaching Storm

I have found more time to paint and explore subjects in larger format in my studio.  Here is an image of a recent painting that felt something like COVID-19 to me – in a form we all understand.  I represented the feeling as an approaching storm.  I look at this piece and I can hear tornado sirens and the hair on the back of my neck stands up.  I can almost smell the rain in this piece.  I hope you enjoy looking at it.  Stay well!

Community Spotlight of the Day 4-17-2020:
A Fundraiser for BPP (& lots of great theater while at home)!

For the first time in 40 years, BPP is unable to produce new works, so they are taking this time to focus on the great shows of our past. They have made available – for your viewing pleasure – 25 of their hit plays and musicals over the past decade. They call it BPPFLIX.

It’s simple! Just make a one-time donation of any amount by clicking the donate button on this page: You can also check out all of the plays available to stream!

4-16-2020: Bringing Disney to Life in the Living Room


My children, disappointed by our trip to Disney being canceled, chose to re-create a different Disney world each day. Here they are, dressed up as characters from Indiana Jones. The villain, Indy, and Short Round.

4-15-2020: Thinking back to last year's Farmer's Market

This is a photo I took at the eastside farmer's market last summer. It was the perfect day. People were happy and excited to be back at the market after weeks of uncertainty after the city temporarily shut it down. I am hopeful that I'll be able to do this again soon--walking through the farmers market,choosing my own bouquet, laughing with friends and strangers, listening to community music--outside and with crowds of people young and old.

Community Spotlight of the Day 4-15-2020: The Comedy Attic


Comedy Attic Staff Fundraiser

Did you know for just $5 you can have access to 100 minutes of laughs? For more ways you can help out:

Fun Fact: Comedy Attic co-owner, Mat Alano-Martin, teaches a stand-up class in the fall with the CLL?

“The Stand-up Comedy course is a must do for anyone. Shyness or stage fright can be overcome in this course. Finishing up on-stage at a real Comedy Club is something you will enjoy and never forget.” – CLL Student 2019


Photo from their final class – a performance at open mic at the Comedy Attic.

4-14-2020: Saturday Smiles

I have loved flowers my entire life. They have always been a little magical to me. One of my favorite things to do is purchasing flowers at the farmers market from local farm market grower, Sarah McGee. She always has so many to choose from and will arrange a bouquet personally for you. When I found out she was planning to offer custom order delivery I had to take her up on the offer. Initially, I thought it would be great to have pops of colors and spring inside the house. Then I started to think, “wouldn’t it be even better if my friends also had some pops of color inside their own homes.” Especially since it is where we are all spending so much time these days. On Saturday morning, I picked up a large bouquet of tulips, attached pick-me-up notes with string leftover from Christmas, and delivered a tulip outside of my friend’s front doors. It felt good to be running errands on Saturday morning again and it made me happy to think about their faces when they found it.

Connection Through Quarantine, a collaborative playlist:

The CLL invites you to add your own tunes that are helping you get through this time:

Ways to donate to the Indiana music industry:


MidWay Music Speaks / Girls Rock Bloomington

Every Tuesday and Thursday tune into MidWay QuaranStreams (

Bloomington Chamber Singers

Support here:
P.S. Check out their facebook page for free virtual performances.

Voces Novae

Support here:
Follow their facebook page for lots of good music:

Bloomington Symphony Orchestra

Support here:


Support here:

P.S. you can also order a t-shirt to help them out! (more info on social media for how to order)
Check out their facebook ( and Instagram to tune in to some sets online!

Landlocked Music

Purchase from their online store here:

4-13-2020: How a walk shifted my mindset

It was week three into quarantine and working from home and my roommate and I decided we needed to go on a walk. It was one of the first warm days of spring and it felt odd to get out of the house. It is still shocking to see how empty and quiet the town is in the beginning of spring. I love to look at houses and we decided to walk through a neighborhood (practicing social distancing). As we were walking we came across a surprise on the sidewalk outside of someone’s house. A family was raising money for the community kitchen by selling one of a kind watercolor paintings. It was so inspiring to see and when I start to feel low and discouraged I think back to this and it makes me smile.

The Community Kitchen Donation Information:

Food and financial donations can be dropped off at Community Kitchen’s main location (1515 S Rogers St), Monday – Friday from 7am-6pm, Saturday from 11am-6pm.

Financial donations may also be mailed to PO Box 3286 Bloomington IN 47402-3286.

Become a sustaining supporter with automatic transfers by completing the form on this page or this ACH form (pdf) and mailing or delivering it to the Community Kitchen.

For more information on ways you can help please visit:


German American Bank inspires us to "Find the Good"

Thank you German American Bank for being the inspiration for “Find the Good.”
If you see a sweet message in town or if you have your own at home snap a picture and share it with us through email at


A message from CLL Program Manager, Jordan Ferguson:
COVID-19 has changed us and will continue to change us in all aspects of our lives. It has paused the world and while we are all going through this together, we are all experiencing its impact in our unique ways. Individuals and organizations are creatively finding ways to connect in a time  when we need it the most.

In this “new normal” I have found that I have real highs and real lows. Each day looks different. I am worried about my family who lives states away, my friends who live alone, the students who won’t get to properly close this chapter of their lives and celebrate their accomplishments, parents who are working, teaching, and trying to be a human during this experience, and all of the front-line workers who selflessly put their own lives at risk every day. I am anxious about what the world will look like when we make it through this. Will the places I would go to find community and comfort still be there? Will my loved ones still have jobs? I am sure these worries are not all that different from your own, and while the list of concerns and uncertainty can be long, there is an equal amount of good happening in the world and our own community.

It is okay to feel both worry and hope.

While we are all experiencing the impacts of COVID-19 together, we are experiencing it in different ways. One of the ideas that I have been struggling with is how do we share our experiences and stories to catalog this moment in our own community and history?

The CLL hopes to be a platform for sharing. Sharing people’s stories and what they are doing to cope with COVID-19 or what they are looking forward to most after quarantine, sharing messages of hope that pop up in storefront windows, sharing virtual art performances other arts organizations are creating, sharing playlists and quick how-to videos from CLL instructors. This will be a place people can visit when they need to find some good. I hope it will be a visual catalog that tells the story of how connected and strong our community is and that we are not as alone as we may sometimes feel.

I welcome you to share your own good - whether that is a story, music, art, photographs, etc. to These will be cataloged on our website and social media and I hope that you visit us there when things start to feel heavy.

I can’t wait until we can all be together again.

Stay well,